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Below you'll find some common questions about our domain generator, as well as about domains in general, answered. If you have a question that is not covered below please send an email to

How can I use the free domain name generator?

It's very simple, insert the main keyword of your website or blog, for instance "marketing" or "iPhone", choose if you want to add prefixes (e.g., SuperiPhone) or suffixes (e.g., iPhoneCentral), choose the extension, and click on "Submit." After that you'll see a table of results with hundreds of suggestions, each one describing whether the domain is taken or available.

How can I know if a certain domain is good?

Our domain name generator tries to come up with good domains already. That being said here are some criteria used to pick good domains: the domain should have preferably two keywords, it should be easy to spell, easy to remember, and it should describe the topic of the website.

What about extensions, which one is better?

Without a doubt .com is the best extension you can choose. That's because most people associate websites with a .com extension, so that's always the first call of visitors. Tied in a second place are the .net and .org extensions. We plan to add .org compatibility soon.

I found a good domain, how do I register it now?

The easiest way to register your domain and get your website up and running is to purchase a hosting plan from a company and have them to handle the domain registration for you. Within a couple of clicks your domain and website will be live. We recommend HostGator for this, as it's one of the largest and most reliable hosting companies in the world. Also, check out our list of Hosting Deals & Coupons.

What if I just want to register the domain now, and worry about hosting later?

Then what you need is a domain registrar, where you'll pay around $9 to register your domain, and later you'll be able to host it with any company you choose. We recommend a registrar called GoDaddy, though another popular one is NameCheap.